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2D Composition 1

In this class, I don't have much of the work to show, this is mainly because the projects were small and few and far between. This class was one of my least favorites, I produced one of my favorite works in it. I find this especially funny because this composition is very different from the types of art that I typically make.

It is no secret that I am very critical of my work, but In hindsight, this turned out exactly how I was thinking. It is a mixed media painting on paper. The idea for this composition was sparked by a very intense panic attack that I had experienced shortly before. If you are someone who suffers from periods of very extreme anxiety, you might understand how your environment changes during an episode like this. When my mind focuses on something horrible, the dread comes less from the concept of the reiterated thought and more from abstract representations of it. This will usually come in the form of unearthly textures and shapes. This piece is all about texture, space, and form. The large purple prism in the center is an apartment building hosting many restless minds.

The yellow rectangles on the side are the many windows of these individuals suffering throughout the night. Their panic cannot be contained within the walls of their own apartment, They are reaching out like an arm. Telephone wires, antenna, and a dish connected to the building implying much of the chaos from the outside are being poured inside. All of these shapes and textures are important to me because they are my best attempt at representing the shapes and textures that will come into my head when I am having such an episode. I am very glad to say that I have gotten a strong grasp on my Anxiety however, If I consciously experienced this piece for more than a minute or two I can feel some of the irrational thoughts pouring back into my head.

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